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Leather Furniture Cleaning

Unlike fabric, leather suites allow you to wipe clean any spills that may occur from every day wear and tear, like tea and coffee for example. However, even though you can often wipe away superficial spillages, the protective coating on the leather can break down, making it prone to staining from:

  • Oil from hair/skin coming into contact with the leather
  • Animal stains
  • Ink from pens/clothing (jeans)
  • Dirt from shoes
Leather Furniture Cleaning

At Perfect Leather, we understand how important it is to have your leather furniture looking as good as it did in the show room. In order to keep your leather furniture looking brand new, professional cleaning is necessary. Our experienced and professional tradesmen can literally take years off of your sofa without having to replace any of the leather. Too many harsh chemicals used on leather can often make the furniture look worse due to the damage it does the hide. Our leather cleaning services don't only remove stains, dirt and oils which have built up over time, but also remove them without damaging the leather itself in the process. Our professional leather cleaners are even able to restore the vital oils and colour lost over time, to keep your leather furniture gleaming!

When using Perfect Leather's cleaning services, our team of professionals will come to your home and finish the job within one day at the most competitive prices. So why not give us a call today for your free quotation, we promise to transform your leather furniture!

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